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Assessment of Facts on the Ground in Baltimore City

March 16, 2013

It has been determined that we will no longer continue to give an assessment of the facts on the ground

March 3, 2013:



The murders of Black men are continuing with no “ no motive”, “ no suspects” being reported to the news media. No reporter or government official have investigated how there are hundreds of murders in Baltimore City that have no suspects or motives for the killing. We have determined that elements within the PBD, and SHOMRIM are engaging in random assassinations of the type that were engaged in by U.S. forces in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and by IDF forces in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza

The probability of our assessment being correct is based on several grounds two of which, there are elements within the BPD that have served recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as, Israeli IDF Special Forces patrolling the streets of Baltimore City at night unsupervised. No independent ballistic analysis are conducted to determine the origin of the ammunition removed from the bodies of the murder victims. Baltimore City has settled numerous police brutality and police misconduct cases. Our actionable intelligence reports of police involvement in dealing guns, drugs, extortion, and other police “ misconduct” were validated by the prosecution of scores of BDP officers for the very crimes our sources had determined were taking place.

How many of the victims organs have been harvested by Johns Hopkins or the University of Maryland hospitals? There have been absolutely no coverage by the Baltimore media of Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who in 2009 used Johns Hopkins and other hospitals to engage in unlawful organ harvesting. Johns Hopkins is historically known in Baltimore City for “ body snatching” for medial experiments well into the 1980s by Baltimore's Black population.

We have also determined that the War on Drugs and Guns declared by the governing class against the governed has resulted in harmful collateral damage that has wrecked a disproportionate loss of life, liberty and property of the Black population. Furthermore, the employment of the governing class depends largely upon crime and law enforcement, and any reduction in crime should lead to reducing the number of jails and other judicial and law enforcement agencies, hence it is not in the best interest of the governing class to eliminate crime. Crime generates revenue for the government and governing class.

March 3, 2013:


The Baltimore Peoples Assembly in conjunction with elements of Occupy Baltimore, Baltimore Cop Watch, The Friends of MacArthur, Masjid Jammat al Muslimeen, and others held 4 weekly peoples assemblies at the North Roland Park residence of Baltimore City States Attorney Gregg Bernstein, to give him lawful notice of the peoples dissent of his abuse of prosecutorial discretion in several police brutality and other cases. Our sources estimate that the municipal corporation spent more than 1.5 million dollars in equipment, fuel, logistical and manpower hours.

November 12, 2012:

The election is over and conditions in Baltimore have not changed since our February 5, 2012 Assessment.

June 10, 2012

Conditions are stagnant with no significant improvements since the February 5, 20212 Assessments. Individuals have begun to position themselves for the elections of 2014. The fact that the deplorable conditions that are holding the majority of Black people in Baltimore in poverty and legal slavery has not seemed to register with those individuals that claim to be “Leaders” or heads of various organizations.

February 18, 2012

Conditions are stagnant with no significant improvements since the February 5, 20212 Assessments.

The Solidarity Center and the SCLC Baltimore Chapter along with other coalition partners gathered at the site of the former Read’s Drugstore landmark, located at Howard & Lexington Streets, to protest the proposed demolition and sale of the site by “demolition by neglect”. Shorty’s Underground, served hot soup donated by Terra Cafe, to feed the homeless and other onlookers

February 15, 2012:

The United States, the State of Maryland, and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City show of force against the People’s Right to appear before the Grand Jury, which included snipers attached to the BPD Tactical Unit on both of the Court buildings. Video and photographs were up loaded to Facebook by Shorty, Sharon Galloway, George McDermot and David Carlin which detail the actions of the government to deny equal access to the Courts in accord with the law.

February 5, 2012

conomic Assessment: Economic Conditions for 67% of the total Black population in Baltimore City have been determined to be CRITICAL by our intelligence officers. “She[Stephanie Rawlings-Blake] has no plans to create jobs over the next fiscal year and I doubt if there will be any forthcoming” said a member of the Mayors Administration who wishes to remain anonymous.

Political Assessment: The Maryland States and The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and Media are engaged in a campaign to enact legislation entitled “The Marriage Equality Act” and to enact legislation which would raise the gasoline tax by 6% per gallon. Our Council of Elders have determined and issued the following public statement: “The homosexual Democrat criminal cabal that controls the government and media in Baltimore City should address the critical economic conditions and continued civil rights violations perpetrated against Blacks by the Executive and Judicial Branches of the State of Maryland”.

Security Assessment:
The safety and security of the free Black people in Baltimore City has been determined to be Dangerous: “


BREAKING: @Baltimore Police in east side house raid divy up drugs & cash among officers, then try to intimidate witnesses. Developing” reported A. F. James McArthur of McArthur International, a news reporting service in Baltimore City on Facebook™ , Wednesday.

Judicial Assessment: The Maryland Judiciary in Annapolis, Baltimore City and Baltimore County continues to violate the Civil Rights of the Black people of in those jurisdictions. The U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Baltimore Chief Richard McFeely, are purportedly investigating these abuses, however, our sources at the Justice Department tell us that they “are hesitant to indict the entire government of a major municipality and members of the judiciary of the State”.

Media Assessment: The media continues to act as the fourth arm of the government and has refused to investigate and report verified evidence of public official criminality and acts of genocide committed by the government and membership of the Greater Baltimore Committee against the free Black People of Baltimore.

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